Looking for aircraft, donations for SWof

The  May 5th event has these goals: 

  • Raise money to start a flying club
  • Help airplane owners sell airplanes ($100 for the day during the Pilot Seminars Day at Lunken, May5th)
  • GCAC members get a 50% discount to display an aircraft  for sale
  • Display your aircraft at no charge (for show or  to start/join flying club) 
  • Promote GA in this region
  • Education/helpful knowledge
  • Have fun
  • Meet others in the Genaral Aviation industry

There is a DONATE button at the bottom of the "AOPA/EAA Seminars" pulldown menu, and on the home page.

The forms below are for use by sponsors who wish to help Southwest Ohio Flyers get off the ground (no joke). Send us the filled out form, or use the DONATE button.

Fly-in seminar attendees can use City of Cincinnati Lunken Municipal Airport & parking, business as usual. No charge. Keep in mind that we have reserved space in from of Lunken Terminal for display aircraft parking. Refer to the AOPA Seminars & Swap page for that plan.

Aircraft Owners: Download the form. Add relevant information and pictures. Scan and send to info@southwestohioflyers.com and we will post in the Display Aircraft page.