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Seminar Abstract & bios


A comprehensive overview of all facets of renovating an airplane. We will examine the economics, logistics and rewards of making a pre-owned airplane what you want it to be.

  • Why renovate
  • Economics
  • Picking the right airplane
  • Developing a good renovation plan
  • Selecting the right shop

Dennis Wolter has been involved in aviation most of his life. As an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati in the late sixties, he began to seriously study the idea of interior improvements to general aviation aircraft. Dennis founded Air Mod in 1973, a company that has become known throughout the country as a premier renovation facility, offering the highest level of quality workmanship, expertise and design innovation highlights.

Dennis' N4447Q  1973 Cessna 172M will be on display.

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“EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about aviation insurance … in 30 minutes”

Bill Snead is a 30+ year aviation insurance professional, former VP of Falcon Insurance Agency Great Lakes (Columbus, Ohio) and President of the AOPA Insurance Agency, and now the Signature Accounts Manager for Aviation Insurance Resources.  Flying clubs are my specialty, and I may well be able to improve upon your current insurance position.

“Flying Club Insurance – It’s all about the members”

Getting the proper insurance for your club is about more than price alone.  It is also about the protections found in the policy, and there are significant differences from one contract to another and from one insurance company to another.  Fortunately clubs have many more options today than in the past, We explain how to make sure the club has the right policy with the right coverage at the right price.  

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Asset Performance Management

Enginuity Aerospace is a provider of fractional asset ownership and management.  The firm offers a closed fleet of Cirrus SR22 and TBM850 aircraft to the general aviation community and an innovative "Prop Card" solution.  Beyond general aviation, EA provides engineering services for the Aerospace, Maritime, Energy and Transportation sectors.  Asset "Performance" Management (APM) from Enginuity Aerospace helps owners, operators and industrial organizations drive safer and more reliable operations while facilitating optimal performance at a lower sustainable cost by enabling intelligent asset strategies. A risk-based intelligent asset strategy balances performance and cost by considering design, operational procedures, and maintenance plans. APM provides processes for reliability engineering, maintenance analysis, and asset bench-marking, as well as the capabilities of equipment data capture, integration, and visualization, along with both  predictive and diagnostic analytics.    

Agenda to include:

  • Company Overview
  • Strategy and Solutions
  • Our Customers
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Our Markets
  • Digital Industrial

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AOPA Rusty Pilot Seminar

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Presented by Andy Miller, AOPA Ambassador

iPads in the Cockpit

“iPads in the cockpit” will provide an introduction of the various applications of iPads in the cockpit from flight planning to VFR and IFR flights to logistical arrangements at your destination.  iPads have made flying more fun, easier, and safer…when used appropriately …and when not, beware!

Ed Loxterkamp has a glider pilot license, Private Pilot License (SEL), Commercial & Instrument ratings. He is an Air Force veteran and has flown and volunteered at every AOPA fly-in during the 2015 season and has flown to and volunteered at most of the other AOPA fly-ins since Mark Baker started them in 2014.  He crossed the Rocky Mountains four times after taking a mountain flying course and the proper use of oxygen in the cockpit.  He has flown to the far reaches of the United States reaching from Presque Isle, Maine in the Northeast to Salinas, CA in the West and Ketchikan, Alaska in the great Northwest to Lakeland, FL in the Southeast.  He has flown extensively since buying his Piper Arrow in Feb 2014 and landed in all of the lower 48 states, Alaska, and Canada.  He considers his Stratus and iPad as part of his Minimum Essential Equipment List for any flight beyond the local area and doesn’t fly without them.  Along with volunteering at AOPA fly-ins, Ed also volunteers his time, talent, and plane to help man and animal in need via Angel Flight East, LifeLine Pilots, and PilotsNPaws.

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"IMC Club Meeting - Mastering the Art of Instrument Navigation" 

Radek Wyrzykowski

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Abstracts, bios, sponsors

Lunken Museum Plans

The museum is on the second floor, above Flamingo. The presentation will describe our museum, our focus, and our future here on the airport. The museum will open at 10:00 am. Please stop in. We have constantly running PowerPoints in the museum that give a more in depth idea of what is going on.

Charlie Pyles, a 35+ year veteran of American Airline’s predecessors Lake Central Airlines thru USAIRWAYS, will present. Pyles is Curator of the Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society’s Museum at Lunken Airport.

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The CWB presentation will be an "Introduction to the mission and events of Cincinnati Warbirds EAA Squadron 18 and Honor Flight Tri-State".

11:45AM in the Airmen's Club and a repeat at 1:00PM right after lunch in the Sky Galley Banquet Room

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Troy Emshoff, Exec Officer and Scott Kuhr, Financial Officer

AOPA Flying Club Follow-up

Andy Miller, AOPA Ambassador

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Flying Lessons with Flamingo Aviation School (KLUK)

 To sign up for a flying lesson on May 6th at Lunken (or anytime) click here, or

Call: (513) 321-PINK or (513)321-7465.

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Flying Lessons with Eastern Cincinnati Aviation (I-69)

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Call: 513.735.9500 


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Steel Aviation

For aircraft sales & purchases:

Call: 937.332.7587

Website,click here. 

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