monthly eaa/imc club meeting

The EAA/IMC Club at Lunken

The EAA/IMC Club at Lunken meets at 7:00 pm in the Airmen's Club room

 on the second Tuesday of the month, from September through May.

Next meeting: March 12th

IMC Topics: “Oxygen or Ice” 

& Question of the Month, Ron Smolinski

followed by "Mountain Flying" by Jason Forshey

Activities at the next pilot seminar day, june 1st

Flying with the iPad as a Digital Copilot

Presented by Bret Koebbe and Eric Radtke of Sporty's - It's been 10 years since the first iPad was introduced and its advanced capabilities have transformed how pilots manage data in the cockpit. Its role has evolved from digital chart viewer to that of a digital copilot, providing pilots with contextual information before and during a flight, calling out abnormalities or deviations, and assisting with duties during high workload phases of flight. Learn how to take advantage of these features using the ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot apps, to help better prepare you for each flight and make your flying safer.

Morning presentation.

PEAKS TO PAVEMENTS: Applying Lessons from the Backcountry

Presented by Christine Mortine, AOPA - Flying in the backcountry is an exciting and rewarding challenge with little room for error. It's an exacting environment that demands sound decision making, stellar stick and rudder skills, a thorough understanding of the weather, and an intimate knowledge of the airplane. Whether you're a seasoned backcountry flyer or flatlander, you'll enjoy this new seminar, which delves into conditions, challenges, and accidents unique to backcountry flying. Together with your seminar leader you'll examine lessons learned to fly safely in any operating environment.  Presenter Christine Mortine is a Designated Pilot Examiner, active CFI/II and conducts FIRCs and Safety Seminars for AOPA.  Her home base is KOSU where she hangars her C185, when not flying it out west, and offers tailwheel endorsements in her C140.  Christine is the Ohio Liaison for The Recreational Aviation Foundation.

ATC & FAA Roundtable & Regional IMC meeting

Air Traffic Control Roundtable

Randy White (Louisville ATC)

Eddie Albert (Cincinnati ATC)

Roland Ratliff (Cincinnati ATC)

Jason Forshey & Kirk McConnell (FSDO)

IMC Topic by Randy White

EAA9, Columbus 

EAA/IMC, Lousville  

EAA/IMC, Lunken

Keep tuned for updates!

Signature Engines Tours:

Plant Tours

10:00 AM

11:00 AM


Be prompt. Signature engines is located at the end  of Airport Road. 4760 Airport Rd. Waypoint is on right, Signature Engines on left. Do not confuse with Signature FBO which is on Wilmer Ave.

Textron Aviation/Cessna & Cirrus

See the latest Cessna & Cirrus airplanes!

Representatives on site!

Brian Finley - Textron

Evans Hood - Cirrus

Lunken Terminal Aircraft Parking


Textron Aviation / Cessna - 2019 airplane

Cirrus SR22 - 2019

1949 Navion, Best in Show - Rick Mills

Cessna 185 - Christine Mortine

1946 Globe Swift - Cody Coombs

C182 N759ZT - SWOF

Fly-In Parking - contact ground 121.9

Flying Knights Air Rally


Airport Advocacy

 Kyle Lewis, Great Lakes Regional Manager, Government Affairs and Airport Advocacy.  At AOPA, Kyle works on state legislative issues, and works closely with AOPA regulatory staff on airport advocacy issues related to funding transparency and access, compliance and operations, airspace, GA security, and national aviation issues of interest to AOPA membership.  Kyle is an instrument rated private pilot, also holding a seaplane rating.  Kyle is a homebuilder, operating an RV-12.  Before joining AOPA, Kyle spent 10 years with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and servedon his local airport authority and Ohio University’s Aviation Program Advisory Board.

Midwest to the Bahamas!

 Robert W. Cettel Cincinnati/Charlevoix. Started flying gliders in 1970.  IFR Single Engine, Complex, High Performance, High Altitude Endorsements, TAA , 3,000+HRS Some multi, some turbine. Avid bluewater sailor. Flown-to and sailed around the Bahamas too many time to count. Flown to the Bahamas in: C-172, C-182, Piper Arrow, Columbia 400 and Piper Mirage. Current Aircraft: Piper Mirage.      Midwest to the Bahamas!  Aircraft & Personal Planning & Preparation, Flying to Florida (routing & tips), Flying to/in the Bahamas (routing & tips, airports/fuel), Customs & Immigration (US & Bahamas, e-Apis, CBP Decal), Weather, ATC & ADIZ, Do’s & Don’ts, Tales of the Tropics … and more. (Afternoon, 90 minutes)

Three things your instructor never taught you about weather

   Scott Dennstaedt (virtual) a former NWS meteorologist, CFI and aviation author.  He's the founder of AvWxWorkshops and co-founder of the new WeatherSpork app  & Rick Miller (facilitator).  Of all of the disciplines you must learn to earn a pilot certificate, weather is perhaps the one lacking the most practical knowledge when it comes to minimizing your exposure to adverse weather. Come and learn three practical tips about aviation weather you were never taught during your primary training.  The presentation will end with a brief introduction to the new WeatherSpork app. (1:00 pm)

Regional IMC meeting

EAA9, Columbus

EAA/IMC, Lousville

EAA/IMC, Lunken

Lobby Vendors

ABS gifts

Flying Eyes Sunglasses

2018 sponsors

SouthWest Ohio Flyers

SouthWest Ohio Flyers is a flying club and organizes and sponsors seminars and other Aviation Educational and Safety Events at Lunken Airport. We are always looking for aircraft to add.

Sporty's & Eastern Cincinnati Aviation (I-69)

To sign up for a flying lesson, click here.

Call: 513.735.9500 


The Sportsman's Market made this event possible.

Waypoint Aviation

Waypoint Aviation is providing hangar, conference room, and tarmac space for the seminars and aircraft displays.


AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) is one of the sponsors of this event. AOPA has been a huge source of guidance and support for SWOF.

Enginuity Aerospace

Mike Noyes has been critical in producing flyers and marketing aids.

Textron Aviation/Cessna

Textron Aviation/Cessna will be displaying a factory new Cessna 206.