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More than one airport

Lunken airport now; other Greater Cincinnati airports more coming.

Variety of Aircraft

Cessna 182Q - N759ZT is at Aero T Co, hangar #8; Gate is located between ExecJet & Ultimate Air.

More aircraft will be on leaseback to the club in upcoming months: Piper, Cessna, Cirrus

User Friendly

With low rates & ease of scheduling, you will enjoy the experience!

  • We are considering joining OpenAirplane.
  • Excellent insurance coverage through CV Starr, with only $1,000 deductible.

About this club at lunken

AOPA Flying Club Initiative

Since getting involved with AOPA last Fall, things have started to gel.

Big Demand, Little Time

Based on feedback, there are two distinct markets for airplanes and a club at Lunken. One is for a simple Cessna 172 to drill holes in the sky, the other is for a quality cross-country airplane. 

The other aspects are that most pilots want a club that gives them a semblance of ownership, including convenience. But, buying and maintaining an airplane is beyond reach for most pilots.

Make It So!

One of the most successful clubs in the USA is PlusOneFlyers in the San Diego area. The plan is to emulate them. Attend the 2:30 Club Follow-up in the Banquet room for details.


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